GED Study Guide 2020 All Subjects: GED Preparation 2020

GED Study Guide 2020

GED Study Guide 2020 All Subjects: GED Preparation 2020 


GED Study Guide 2020 All Subjects: GED Preparation 2020

Written by Test Prep Books, this comprehensive study guide includes:

• Quick Overview
• Test-Taking Strategies
• Introduction
• Mathematical Reasoning
• Reasoning Through Language Arts
• Science
• Social Studies
• Practice Test #1
• Answer Explanations #1
• Practice Test #2
• Answer Explanations #2

Disclaimer: GED is a registered trademark of the American Council on Education (ACE) and administered exclusively by GED Testing Service LLC under license. They were not involved in production and do not endorse this product.

Studying is hard. We know. We want to help. You can ace your test.

Each part of the test has a full review. This study guide covers everything likely to be on the GED Exam.

Lots of GED practice test questions are included. Miss one and want to know why? There are detailed answer explanations to help you avoid missing the same question a second time.

Are you a bad test taker?

Use your time wisely with the latest test-taking strategies. Don’t settle for just learning what is on the test. Learn how to be successful with that knowledge.

Test Prep Books has drilled down the top test-taking tips. This will help you save time and avoid making common mistakes on test day.

Get your GED exam study guide. It includes review material, practice test questions, and test-taking strategies.

It has everything you need for success.

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The math part of it is very horrible theres no explanation of how they got the answer to the problem all they do is show the problem and give the answer. This is just a waste of money to me wish i could get my money back.

I got this book because of the low price. Then ended up returning it after my who would be using it explained what made Kaplan that much better. Now I know.

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