How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology

How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology

How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology

How to Land a Product Manager Job in Technology . How many pizzas are delivered in Manhattan? How do you design an alarm clock for the blind? What is your favorite piece of software and why? How would you launch a video rental service in India? This book will teach you how to answer these questions and more.

Cracking the PM Interview is a comprehensive book about landing a product management role in a startup or bigger tech company. Learn how the ambiguously-named “PM” (product manager / program manager) role varies across companies, what experience you need, how to make your existing experience translate, what a great PM resume and cover letter look like, and finally, how to master the interview: estimation questions, behavioral questions, case questions, product questions, technical questions, and the super important¬†

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About the Author

Gayle McDowell is the founder / CEO of and the author of two books: Cracking the Coding Interview,’s #1 best-selling interview book, and The Google Resume. She has worked for Google, Microsoft, and Apple and served on Google’s hiring committee. She holds a BSE and MSE in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the Wharton School.

Jackie Bavaro is a product manager at Asana, a leading startup that builds productivity software used by companies like Dropbox, Airbnb, Uber, Foursquare, and Pinterest. Previously, she worked as a Product Manager at Google, where she joined as part of the elite Associate Product Manager program, and as a Program Manager at Microsoft. She holds a BA in Computer Science and a BA in Economics from Cornell University.


I think there is enough rave about this book and almost everyone around me heard about this book, doesn’t matter if they are doing PM interviews or not. And I do think everyone whose interview entails product should read the book to get an idea of key concepts and interview question types.

I decided not to repeat the good part of the book, but focus on something I feel this book left to desire and after I failed some PM interviews (Full disclosure: I don’t have official PM experience).This book does provide some frameworks for you to use to answer questions; however, it does not really present how you actually apply these in your answers, at least I didn’t see much in the example questions/answers. So I was still left in haze when I tried to structure my answer to some questions. Not to promote one book or another, but I think you will be able to form more structured thoughts by reading Lewis Lin’s Decode and Conquer. I recommend to read both so that you have a much better perspective on PM interviews.16 people found this helpful

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