Read Book Why Conventional Therapy Didn’t Work

Read Book Why Conventional Therapy Didn't Work

Brain over Binge: Why I Was Bulimic, Why Conventional Therapy Didn’t Work, and How I Recovered for Good

Conventional Therapy. Brain over Binge provides both a gripping personal account and an informative scientific perspective on bulimia and binge eating disorder. The author, Kathryn Hansen, candidly shares her experience as a bulimic and her alternative approach to recovery. Brain over Binge is different from other eating disorder books which typically present binge eating and purging as symptoms of complex emotional and psychological problems. Kathryn disputes this mainstream idea and explains why traditional eating disorder therapy failed her and fails many. She explains how she came to understand her bulimia in a new way – as a function of her brain, and how she used the power of her brain to recover – quickly and permanently. Kathryn also sheds new light on eating disorder topics such as low self-esteem, poor body image, and dieting. Brain over Binge is a brave book that has helped many by delivering an informed and inspiring message of free will, self-reliance, and self-control.

Verified PurchaseOverall, I liked what was presented in this book, however I think there are a few things that could be dangerous or damaging for certain people. I’m a Registered Dietitian (using a functional holistic approach) and I’m also in grad school getting my Masters in Counseling. So you could say I AM one of those practitioners that this author rags on. New science on the brain has led to a lot of new ways of thinking in the field of addiction and recovery, however the brain science she describes is what influenced the new labeling of substance abuse as a DISEASE versus a CHOICE. This is opposite to what she’s arguing in this book. Because addicting substances and behaviors get programmed into the pleasure/reward centers of the brain (survival loops), we are driven to these things in a way that feels as if it’s outside our control. This is the basic premise behind the disease model of addiction. I think her approach is concerning, not because it can’t work, but because it aggressively discounts other means of treatment. Some individuals do not have the cognitive means to simply separate their “human” brain from their “animal” brain. Perhaps it’s that easy for some, but if you’re not one of them, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you.

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