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Chris Beat Cancer
Chris Beat Cancer

Chris Beat Cancer: A Comprehensive Plan for Healing Naturally


Chris Beat Cancer .Two days before Christmas and at 26 years old, Chris Wark was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. He had surgery to remove a golf ball-sized tumor and a third of his colon. But after surgery, instead of the traditional chemotherapy, Wark decided to radically change his diet and lifestyle in order to promote health and healing in his body. In Chris Beat Cancer, Wark describes his healing journey, exposes the corruption and ineffectiveness of the medical and cancer industries, and shares the strategies that he and many others have used to heal cancer. These strategies include adopting the Beat Cancer Mindset; radical diet and lifestyle changes; and mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, as well as advanced integrative therapies. Dually packed with an emotional punch and extensive healing solutions, Chris Beat Cancer will inspire and guide you on your own journey toward wellness.

About the Author

Chris Wark is an author, speaker, and health coach. He was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2003 at 26 years old. He had surgery, but instead of chemotherapy, he used nutrition and natural therapies to heal himself. Chris has made many appearances on radio and television and was featured in the award-winning documentary film The C Word. Chris inspires countless people to take control of their health and reverse disease with a radical transformation of diet and lifestyle. You can visit him online at


I was diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer a year ago. I began taking a targeted medicine (a kind of chemo in a daily pill) from my oncologist but also began looking for nutritional ideas. Then I discovered Chris! I started watching his videos and eventually joined his Square One program to get even more direction. Now with the book, we have it all! One of the best things is that he explains why there’s such a divide between traditional medicine and nutritional sources. I asked the PA at my oncologist’s office if they had any dietary advice for me and the answer was “No. You’re thin so just drink lots of milkshakes and don’t lose weight!” Milkshakes. That was her advice.
Chris changed my whole perspective on food. I’m juicing and eating close to his prescribed menu–and the cancer has shrunk drastically. My doctor thinks in terms of managing the cancer for several years (no talk at all of healing), but because of Chris, I now hope to completely heal. Get the book–but be sure to watch some of his video interviews on YouTube too. Hearing the testimonies of so many people who have healed through nutrition alone is powerful, and you’ll get to know Chris even better. He is balanced, reasonable, smart but humble. He has spent the years since his own diagnosis researching the science behind healing through nutrition. He’s cancer free after 15 years of following his own advice. That’s the best rec of all, right? Thank you, Chris, for EVERYTHING!

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