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The Book on Rental Property Investing: How to Create Wealth and Passive Income Through Intelligent Buy & Hold Real Estate Investing!


Every strategy, tool, tip, and technique you need to become a millionaire rental property investor!

Create Wealth and Passive.If you’re considering using rental properties to build wealth or obtain financial freedom, this book is a must-read. With nearly 400 pages of in-depth advice for building wealth through rental properties, The Book on Rental Property Investing imparts the practical and exciting strategies that investors across the world are using to build significant cash flow through real estate investing.

DOWNLOAD The Book On Create Wealth and Passive

Investor, bestselling author, and co-host of The BiggerPockets Podcast, Brandon Turner, has one goal in mind: to give you everything you need to become a millionaire rental property investor―while helping you avoid the junk that pulls down so many wannabes! New and experienced investors alike will learn how to build an achievable plan, find incredible deals, pay for your rentals, and much more.

DOWNLOAD The Book On Create Wealth and Passive

Inside, you will learn:

Why many real estate investors fail, and how you can ensure you don’t!

Four unique, easy-to-follow strategies you can begin implementing today

Creative tips for finding incredible deals―even in competitive markets

How to achieve success without touching a toilet, paintbrush, or broom

Actionable ideas for financing rentals, no matter how much cash you have

Advice on keeping your wealth by deferring (and eliminating) taxes

And so much more!


“There are plenty of books out there aimed at providing the motivation to want to buy rental properties, but there are very few books that provide a detailed, step-by-step framework for accomplishing real estate success. Brandon Turner’s The Book on Rental Property Investing does that, and does it in a way that puts financial freedom through real estate within reach of anyone who wants it.”

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