Kingdom Keepers : Disney After Dark

Kingdom Keepers : Disney After Dark

Kingdom Keepers  Disney After Dark


Featuring a new paperback cover to match hardcover of Kingdom Keepers II


1. I was skeptical of this series at first because so many books have tackled Disney related stories.
But it wasn’t long into this first book here that I realized that this was unique.
It had a bit of everything a YA book could and should have.
It has a good story line, good mystery, great characters, good versus evil, heroes versus villains, old and new technology, but mostly a sit on the edge of your chair excitement and expectations.
And it was all very relatable.
Good job Mr. Pearson, good job indeed!
Alan McDonald


I got this book for free after seeing it on the Kindle Buffett list. I did not know the author or the series but chose it because the description made me feel like it could be like the Harry Potter series. The book does have some resemblance to Harry Potter. Similarities to Potter: (1) The book involves magic (good and bad); (2) the book involves kids befriending one another for a greater cause (instead of Harry, Ron and Hermione et al — there is Finn, Maybeck, Charlene, Willa, and Phillby) ; (3) This book involves one main boy being the leader (Instead of Harry it’s Finn); (4) the book has a wise old man character who speaks in riddles of sorts and is never as direct as he should be who guides the kids ( Instead of Dumbledore it’s Wayne).

13 year old Lawrence Finnegan Whitman (Finn) was chosen to become a Disney Interactive Host (DHI) along with 4 other kids. They all start having the same “dream” and then are pulled into a quest to solve a riddle and stop evil from taking over the Park and the World outside the park.

I am a Florida native and have visited Disney World more times than I care to remember but this book made me see it with new eyes and I appreciated that. The book also made me want to learn more about Disney – the park and the man. I am likely to read the rest of the books in the series and believe that if you are an adult who enjoyed the Harry Potter series then you will probably enjoy this book as well.

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