[[READING]] Human Body Activity Book for Kids

Human Body Activity Book for Kids

Human Body Activity Book for Kids: Hands-On Fun for Grades K-3


How fast can people run? What are all the parts of the eye? How do taste buds work? There’s a lot to know about the human body, and The Human Body Activity Book for Kids makes it fun and easy to learn it all.

More than 30 on-the-page activities and hands-on experiments will get kids from ages 4-8 excited about how amazing their bodies are. Featuring tons of cool facts and colorful drawings, this in-depth exploration of the human body for kids is a fantastic educational aid for parents and teachers. Give kids a leg up on learning about the human body.

The Human Body Activity Book for Kids includes:

  • THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO ANATOMY FOR KIDS―Teach kids what they’re made of with informative, illustrated chapters broken down by body system.
  • ACTIVITIES GALORE―Over 30 exciting activities―including connect-the-dots, crosswords, and off-the-page experiments―keep lessons engaging.
  • TONS OF FUN FACTS―Did you know hair grows slower at night and that you’re taller in the morning than the evening? Cool trivia makes kids want to learn more.

Teach kids the fun of learning by doing―with The Human Body Activity Book for Kids.

About the Author

KATIE STOKES is the mother of two curious children. She received her B.A. in human biology, her M.Ed. in policy, organization, and leadership studies, and her Ph.D. in child development from Stanford University. Katie founded Gift of Curiosity (www.GiftOfCuriosity.com), where she provides parents, teachers, and caregivers all over the world with developmentally appropriate learning activities for children.


“Fantastic book! A great way to inspire young minds to learn about the human body. A combination of interesting facts and fun activities. Kids will love it!”—Dr. Orlena Kerek, pediatrician

“Young learners will love The Human Body Activity Book for Kids! They’ll appreciate the kid-friendly science facts, love the fascinating illustrations, and be motivated to try the at-home activities. Parents will learn too—because their children will love reporting the incredible fun facts that fill the book’s pages. I highly recommend this activity book for curious kids!”—Anna Geiger, M.Ed., creator of The Measured Mom

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“This book is packed with interesting facts about the human body, and the corresponding activities make that information accessible to young children. This could easily be used as a teacher’s manual or as an independent activity book for elementary-age kids interested in how the body works.”—Sarah Punkoney, MAT, founder of Stay at Home Educator

“This hands-on human body activity book is jam-packed with interesting facts about the human body that keep students engaged in their learning. The included diagrams and pictures are perfect for young children. This fact-filled book makes learning about the human body fun.”—Jodi Southard, teacher and founder of Fun in First

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